Ban Bitcoin! Urges Congressman After Realizing It Can ‘Disempower’ the US

Ban Bitcoin! Urges Congressman After Realizing It Can ‘Disempower’ the US

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18 Comments on Ban Bitcoin! Urges Congressman After Realizing It Can ‘Disempower’ the US

  1. FantasticEchidna4

    it can disempower if you ban US people from owning it. the rest of the world will use it and stop using dollar scam coin as reserve or that’s what I wish for

  2. bitcoinchamp

    That dickhead senator in west Virginia Joe Manchin said the same thing 5 yrs ago and got blasted. He later backtracked on his statement.

  3. Luccio

    Please enjoy Mr Congressman’s speech. It holds truth, Bitcoin can and will disempower USD. Like I said again and again. The USA need foreclose on their debt, the current monetary system, worldwide, is totally halted. The only way is to kill the current world reserve currency!

  4. Mark_Bear

    Some thoughts, in no particular order:


    Hopefully, those puppets will declare “war” on Bitcoin. Let’s look at the US track record for “wars”:

    * War in Korea. Stalemate.
    * War against poverty. Losing.
    * War on drugs. Losing.
    * War on terror. Losing.
    * War in Vietnam. Lost.
    * War in Iraq. What a fucked up mess we made there.

    >First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.


    Meanwhile, central banks around the world are stuck at zero percent. The Federal Reserve was at/near zero percent for about ten years. They’ve recently raised rates a bit, but there isn’t enough cushion for them to “stimulate” the economy by lowering rates enough when (not if, when) the next financial crisis hits.


    The US Dollar hegemony is doomed, with or without Bitcoin.


    How “wonderful” the USD must be if they have to hire men with guns to **force** people to use it…

  5. seanywauny

    It’s always miserable old bastards who either just don’t get it and never will or simply missed the boat and are pissed about it.

  6. gitzofoxo

    its 1929 all over again, don’t put your money in the mattress, put it in the blockchain, federal reserve won’t be able to bail US out of this one.

  7. WolfOfFusion

    Interesting. His fears of disempowerment are 100% valid…

    …and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

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