Belarus President Proposes Giant Data Centre for Bitcoin Mining

Belarus President Proposes Giant Data Centre for Bitcoin Mining

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6 Comments on Belarus President Proposes Giant Data Centre for Bitcoin Mining

  1. BTCkoning

    Not unlikely. Highly tech skilled, weird energy network, very different from the west, pretty small so easier to adopt some strange tech like btc mining.

    It might be even a testing ground for Russia to dip their toes in the water without getting wet.

  2. cointastical

    > Bitcoin mining is optimal when running 24x7x365, and thus requires a “base load” energy source.
    > These traditionally are coal, nuclear, and hyrdropower where not affected by seasonality. Hydro isn’t the only base load source that falls under the “green” renewable category though. Geothermal fits it as well, as does wind where the currents are constant enough to provide at least some threshold of capacity 24×7. Bitcoin miners compete using their access to low cost electricity. While nuclear fuel is incredibly efficient for use in generating steam for generators, the radioactivity is so dangerous that even a plant that operates perfectly over its lifetime faces incredibly high de-commissioning costs especially when considering the long-term storage costs. There is no energy source worse than nuclear as far as “privatizing the gains, socializing the losses”. So yes, a dictactor might see mining bitcoin from a nuke plant’s output as a great way to acquire wealth quickly and massively. That nation’s constituents should reject that … quickly and massively.
    > But if they are talking about building a nuke plant for Bitcoin mining? Who knows what’s going to happen six months from now, nonetheless six years … or longer, before the first uranium pellets glow blue.

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