CZ apologizes for considering reorg


We will maintain constant communication with our community. I (CZ) am active on [Twitter]( In fact, some people even say I tweet too much. But my role is a facilitator and communicator.  Honestly, I am not writing code or debugging servers. Given how much I talk, **I sometimes say the wrong stuff, dirty words like “reorg”, for which I apologize.**

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19 Comments on CZ apologizes for considering reorg

  1. CryptoTaxNow

    Talking about reorg as an option is not what you would expect from the CEO of the probably largest crypto exchange. Guess it will be hard to repair the PR disaster.

  2. castorfromtheva

    Now that it’s clear CZ isn’t well informed about the matter as a whole, his little “faux pas” costs him a shitload of reputation! He should keep in mind: Bitcoin community never forgets…

  3. 2btc10000pizzas

    Whether he meant to or not, the discussions (and bashing) his comments prompted may have solidified the fact that Bitcoin and only Bitcoin is secure, scarce, and censorship resistant.

    A lot of people who may have been on the fence about those claims might have been converted by this whole episode.

    History will tell how this whole debacle is remembered.

  4. fmfwpill

    I wish they had tried. If it succeeded, it would have provided good data on the cost of a 51% attack and how the market responds. If it failed (I lean slightly toward thinking that this is what would happen) it would have been a good demo of security in action.

  5. zomgitsduke

    I respect the update and apology.

    It still doesn’t change the fact that I will never trust my crypto on their exchange, ever again.

    Besides, Bitcoin maximalist here so I don’t care about other coins.

  6. Pust_is_a_soletaken

    His rep was reorged. It’s now hard to deny he doesn’t understand bitcoin’s value proposition.

  7. jakesonwu

    If you want a “Surgical irregular state change” to get your own funds out you best speak to the professional, Vitalik Buterin.

  8. SilasX

    Geez, kick him while he’s down? It was a stupid idea, sure, but I don’t like the attitude of making someone apologize for candidly expressing a controversial thought, it just makes this stuff happen behind closed doors.

  9. Bitcoin_to_da_Moon

    he can consider what he wants and talk about time travel, bitcoin reorgs and unicorns all day long. point is, he can´t do it.

    that such a CEO thinks he can do it is concerning (for him). maybe he should use more time to learn more about bitcoin and stop adding shitcoins?

    asking Jihad Wu for advice was the most hilarius part!

  10. WolfOfFusion

    If CZ had a Donald Trump like personality, he would have doubled down on his statement.

    “I’ll Re-org tomorrow! Watch… and the Miners are going to pay for it!”


  11. braitacc

    I respect though this guy as he apologies. Also in panic mode it is understandable that you think about many possibilities. I agree that reorg is clearly not a solution. He was maybe aware of the fact that Vitalik has done a fork on ethereum after a hack but it was a poor decision.

  12. Malsnake123

    Ppl are getting trashed for just thinking these days now? Jesus… “Considering” will be outlawed in 2030, the resulting decision from it irrelevant.

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