Faces change, but the endgame remains.

Faces change, but the endgame remains.

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  1. lj26ft

    Central banking system plans to have digital currency abilities by 2023. As much as everyone in crypto hates banking the future is going to look quite a bit different than now. Notably the ECCB issued a stable coin for Barbados already in citizens hands before year end. Their control will weaken as decentralized payment networks scale. They are already discussing implementing a digital cash side by side with cash so they can do negative Interest rates. Which will cause the decline of physical cash. Just thinking out loud after seeing this amusing picture.

  2. coinsquare

    “The US Dollar is a utility token required to purchase Saudi oil. This creates demand that props it up artificially. It has no cap. Mining occurs unchecked in vast quantities. Management team provides zero transparency or audits. If this were crypto, it would be a poor coin.”
    –Mark Jeffrey

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