Guilty as charged

Guilty as charged

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  1. Mefx97

    Literally deposited $2400 for bit quick to get BTC.

    Then when I was bored at work(car salesman), left to deposit another 1500 lmfao.

  2. sub273

    I think you are massively overestimating the number of people who have researched what they are buying and have formulated an opinion after evaluating both the long term economic and/or cryptographic reasons.

    The vast majority of people who have bought crypto are in it for quick speculative gains. Let’s not pretend otherwise. You won’t find many newbies buying in to Bitcoin even after the recent rise which is ridiculous by the standards of other asset classes.

    If Bitcoin does go parabolic again (and let’s be clear here, there is absolutely no guarantee of that), then you’ll see the uninformed return en masse.

    At that point, you’ll probably be rich and I’ll be the first to say “well played sir/madam”.

  3. aviv57

    When you don’t want to buy hardware wallet because you think of all the crypto you could by using this money

    Or in fiat terms
    When you don’t want you buy a vault because you want to save more money and not willing to pay for a protection for this money because this would cost you money

  4. sub273

    It’s possible though I don’t think probable as it was such a tiny part of the market. It was likely due to a massive overextension in bubble-like conditions which this market is prone to demonstrating.

    Folk want in on the massive rise and out on the massive fall.


    Relatively few people buy in or bail out because of fundamentals.

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