Lightning trades available on Hodl Hodl’s MAINNET

Lightning trades available on Hodl Hodl’s MAINNET

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3 Comments on Lightning trades available on Hodl Hodl’s MAINNET

  1. BashCo

    Some people like to complain about the prospect of LN because “first I have to buy Bitcoin, then I have to make a transaction to open a channel before I can even use LN, and once my channel is empty I have to close it and open a new one.”

    I think this criticism is short-sighted because it’s inevitable that these LN exchanges are going to continue popping up. When people are able to top up their empty channels directly from their exchange, that’s kind of a game changer for LN.

  2. cointastical

    *”The only difference is that […] we hold funds in our Lightning wallet.”*

    At the same time, the tagline at the top and bottom of the site reads:

    Hodl Hodl

    P2P cryptocurrency exchange that doesn’t hold funds

    But it’s fantastic to have this option!

    Looking forward to trying it out [when HodlHodl resumes support for those in the U.S.].

  3. DGimberg

    Awesome! Singed up for Hodl Hodl few days ago with the intention to sell Bitcoin via lightning but then it wasn’t an option so this is great news! 🙂

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