“My Bank In Denmark Just Offered Me A Negative Rate Of Interest To Borrow Money”

“My Bank In Denmark Just Offered Me A Negative Rate Of Interest To Borrow Money”

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16 Comments on “My Bank In Denmark Just Offered Me A Negative Rate Of Interest To Borrow Money”

  1. Bitcoin_puzzler

    >Now, negative interest rates ARE the norm. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of Danes will go out and take out mortgages that will pay themevery month.

    That is exactly the whole idea of lowering interest. The music must keep playing otherwise the whole house of cards implode…

  2. Tiny_Frog

    Wow, just incredible.

    “***This is completely mind-boggling to me. But it just highlights how broken the financial system really is.***”

    I totally agree.

  3. Hanspanzer

    okay so now they lure people into loans for -0.12% and then when the economy crashes and many can’t pay the clearance the banks take their houses [for free].

    this can end catastrophic.

  4. cm9kZW8K

    Sounds like you should buy anything with hard value with the largest possible loan you can. Be that real estate, bitcoin, or possibly even metals.

  5. seogeeksydney

    The banks do this to lure people in, when there is another GFC which is only around the corner then the people will not be able to pay the mortgage and the Banks will take their homes. I have seen it happen in Ireland, it’s about to happen again.


    The world needs bitcoin, a decentralised currency that takes the power away from the banks.

  6. roy28282

    How does it incentivizes to consume? The incentive here is to take as many as possible,pay back the money and just take the negative interest.

  7. Rajajones

    Maybe I am pessimistic, but I do not think the powers that be will ever let bitcoin become the new money unless they control it somehow too. All these stats about “50% of the world’s wealth is held by 1% of the population…” and all that — they are not rich because they hold imaginary paper fiat. That’s the 99%, we hold paper fiat. The 1% made the paper fiat to control the 99%. If the paper fiat goes to heck, so will the rest of the 99%, until they take whatever system the 1% replaces this one with. Maybe it will be bitcoin or some other crypto, but I do not think things will change much, just a new color of paint. Please, change my mind.

  8. typtyphus

    take a $1M loan for 10 year, don’t spend. $1200 for free.

    Can I get a $100M loan, otherwise it’s not interesting.

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