My feeling when

My feeling when

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  1. CryptoNoob-17

    At first I thought someone was copying other people’s memes and changing the qr code, but this is a repost from the original creator with an alternate account. have an upvote!

  2. -Psyents

    I feel its a bit too optamistic to call this a bull run, i may not be as informed as other though.



    No seriously though, why is this being considered the start, and not just some post hype rally?

  3. Buchloe

    I love that coinbase offers free swaps on their app now. Bought a bunch of LTC when the ratio was like 90 LTC per BTC. Now it’s ~50/1, and I swapped it all in for more BTC. If it drops low again, probably gonna swap some BTC for LTC and try to keep adding to my holdings that way. I’m not super investment savvy, but that seems like a reasonable way to keep stacking (in addition to dollar cost averaging), and there’s no fee to exchange crypto to crypto, vs. selling for cash. I assume tax-wise that trades are probably still taxable events though.

  4. coquinaa

    Bull market? This thing was due for a pop after consolidation. Now lets see how many bag holders are waiting to jump ship..

  5. kickliquid

    If i’ve learned anything from 2008 bear market its to buy when everything down and no one is talking about it anymore. Every paycheck i kept buying Some.

  6. localether

    Buy high rank alts when they dip… build your Satoshi stack.

    Three stacks. A third in Btc, a third in a solid alt coin, and a third in btc for day trading to build your btc stack.

  7. Anandgarg007

    Same here accumulating more and more in this sideways market but I guess 2020 will be the year of bull run what say, guys?

  8. Garland_Key

    Making low effort memes – 1 satoshi. Creating unoriginal and low effort memes and adding a giant QR code on it just to beg – priceless.

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