My reaction whenever I read something from Rep. Brad Sherman

My reaction whenever I read something from Rep. Brad Sherman

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28 Comments on My reaction whenever I read something from Rep. Brad Sherman

  1. erif_oz

    *I recognize all of these words individually, but damn if I can get anything out of the order in which they currently appear?!*


  2. Honest_Banker

    I kinda like the guy.

    At least he’s fighting out in the open on Youtube & Twitter, unlike the buggers at FATF doing it in behind closed doors and secret committees.

  3. Bitcoin_puzzler

    Soon bitcoin will sanction the real rogue nation (or better yet, just make it obsolete, it does other than just run its code). Karma is a bitch.

  4. fmfwpill

    Does he think Facebook wants to make a coin to protect peoples privacy? They want to know peoples spending patterns so they can sell that knowledge. To be fair to his point, they do want to know this for everyone including drug dealers, tax evaders, and terrorists.

    Also, an individual entity running a crypto is surely a money transmitter regulated by KYC and AML. Everything you could possibly want to know about any criminals dumb enough to use this coin will be one warrant away. That is assuming your intelligence agency doesn’t just gain backdoor access and take all the information about everyone.

  5. csingel

    Brad Sherman is Streisand-ing Bitcoin. Please keep telling everyone how private and secure it is and how much you hate that.

  6. Sele81

    You know what, the United States established a well functioning system there with terrorists as reason for everything that goes wrong in the country and the world. Other countries adapting this model now. Turkey and Erdoğan is the best sample. Everybody who votes against Erdoğan is a terrorist.

  7. patriceac

    Of course, as we all know terrorists and drug dealers only use cash and would never have bank accounts, drive cars, or use cellphones. Right? Otherwise it would mean these are supporting terrorists and nobody cares.

  8. link_dead

    Don’t worry, we are approaching the point in the US political system where we find out this guy actually owns thousands of Bitcoin.

  9. eqleriq

    Just as an FYI the “rogue nations” here are



    North Korea




    Interesting the high correlation on “terrorists” and central banks who don’t follow Federal Reserve orders.

    Hmm, which of those can we cross off the list due to invasions?

    And hmm, there is an awful lot of anti-Iran rhetoric on reddit + from the us gov these days. Hmm!

  10. toaobaconator

    In the end he is rigth – if BTC will do what its about to do, the dollar will get another meaning in the world and the US will loose power – nothing they can handle very well tbh

  11. Sage1970

    I’m not sure whether this backlash is about Bitcoin or the politics of the Congressman. Stay focused guys. Divided we fall, so don’t let partisan politics divide us. We know they’re all corrupt.

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