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We wanted to let you know about the latest Lightning-in-a-box solution, myNode!

Our aim is to combine the best open source software from the community with our own UI, monitoring, and integration to create the easiest and most reliable way to run Bitcoin and Lightning. By going through this process of integrating the best projects in Bitcoin and Lighting on one device, we aim to contribute back to the community through donations and open source contributions. We want to make Bitcoin and Lightning available to as many people as possible!



myNode aims to be the easiest way to run a dedicated, easy to use, Bitcoin Full Node and Lightning Wallet! By combining the best open source software with our UI, management, and monitoring software, you can easily, safely, and securely use Bitcoin and Lightning.

myNode is a dedicated device that provides access to the Bitcoin and Lightning networks along with a number of other features! By using a dedicated device, like myNode, you get uptime, reliability, and ease-of-use that other software-only solutions cannot provide.

By running a Bitcoin Full node and Lightning on your myNode device, you maintain all the security and advantages originally intended in the Bitcoin protocol. Information about your Bitcoin addresses and spending is verified by your local node and removes the need to trust online 3rd parties for getting information about your funds.



* Full Bitcoin Node
* Lightning Wallet
* Simple UI / Web Interface
* Bitcoin Explorer
* Electrum Server – BTC Light Wallet Server
* Ride the Lightning – Lightning Wallet
* LND Admin – Lightning Wallet
* LND Hub – Lightning Wallet Server
* Bitcoin CLI
* QuickSync – Quickly sync Bitcoin blockchain
* LND Connect – Generate QR Codes for connecting wallets
* LN Channel Backup
* Dedicated hardware keeps you constantly and securely connected!
* And more!


**Order / Support Us**

We’ve completed the software and are now accepting orders for our first large production batch on Indiegogo.




For more information, we also have a video walking through the UI and explaining the device in more detail.



If anyone wants to help, we are looking for a couple more beta testers to try out our software on their own Raspberry Pi hardware in the next couple weeks.


Thanks for your support and furthering software development in the Bitcoin community!


Taylor from myNode

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8 Comments on myNode – The easiest way to run Bitcoin and Lightning

  1. joeknowswhoiam

    Interesting, thanks for sharing and good luck I hope you can fund your project as you expect.

    Is there any plan to open source your UI, management, and monitoring software?

  2. Gaspa79

    I’ve a Pi running my own ln node. If you need beta testers you can pm me. I think this is good for the community especially if it’s not overpriced.

    Thanks for this and good luck.

  3. e346e

    Sounds great. We need tools like this. Right now primary target seems to be hobbyist, but I think solutions like this will change the world.

    Entrepreneurs, small and large businesses alike. When these parties are able to

    (0) configure the node with just a couple clicks using pre-built configuration templates (with the option of getting into the details)

    (1) buy a tool (bitcoin + lightning node and hardware to run it) like this off the shelf

    (2) buy or build open source hardware that can integrate for POS payment processing (no middle-man, they charge the customer, the customer pays, the money hits their wallet which they own private keys for),


    (3) there is an easy way to drop-in payment processing tools on their website that go directly to their wallet


    The gains in efficiency, privacy, and liberty when this is possible will have booming and compounding returns.

  4. po00on

    I think a ‘simple’ / ‘advanced’ mode would be a nice addition to your UI. There’s a lot of features on there that an experienced user would benefit from, but equally, theres a lot that would confuse a noob.

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