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  1. Cryptoguruboss

    Only in 8 years Greg would have had approx 20 million crazy. It will still be true for anyone holding 9 years from today

  2. TheContrarian2

    That sucks. Could you sell that many full coins without adversely effecting the price?

    I mined about 30 coins back in the mid 2000’s and figured the hard drive was worthless. Some old 40 GB IDE drive that I threw in the trash. How many old drives sit at the bottom of landfills with bitcoins on them. That f’ing hard drive would pay off my mortgage now. No use crying over spilled milk.

  3. slvbtc

    What I take away from this is that even the people who got into btc back in 2010/2011 would have only amassed a few thousand btc under $1 like this guy, and most of these lucky people (also like this guy) would have sold a large majority of those coins between $1 and $100.

    Most of the super early adopters like this guy would currently have 100 btc at most, not 1000 anymore.

    The only non-corporate individuals with more than 1000 btc would be the lunatic fringe fanatics and developers of which there were only a handful. For the rest of us it would be a miracle to have more than 100 btc, epic to have more than 10 btc and currently extremely good for your future if you have 1 btc.

    Remember that soon having one whole bitcoin will be considered an extreme display of wealth if not the epitome of wealth exhibition.

  4. thesoleprano

    he paid $102, to sell for $510, to regret not making $13600, which are currently valued at $19,304,469 (BTC price 11,355.570).

  5. iKousen

    I got say I want to sell by the end of next year at the top on the halving value. But I fear I will regret it when it goes to 1 million

  6. ShrewdSpirit

    20 years later: I wish I had kept my btc at $11k now they’re at $100k …
    Such regrets are everywhere. It’s never late to invest

  7. kryptomancer

    Lukewarm believing early adopters being shaken out is great for a less concentrated coin distribution.

    Remember to never go full fiat, even if you want to completely cash out at least leave behind 5% just in case.

  8. constrictor717

    So many people seem to think in black and white terms – either HODL or sell

    Personally I think it makes sense to do both. Sell a proportion every year when you are in profit or if you have a good use for the money. This could mean selling 50% per year or 10% per depending on your goals

  9. Anthraxious

    Everyone likes these “I wish I kept” posts but that’s at the infancy of the thing. Now it’s so blown up, is there even a way further? I doubt we’d be seeing even bigger gains down the line. It can’t always just go up, can it?

  10. canntthinkofone

    I still have 3 bitcoin from when it was around $1. I have no idea how to retrieve them though.. idk what I even used to store them

  11. lokojones

    I remember buying 2 BTC for ETH ico – 4k eth at that time… And instead, I bought few bags of other shitcoin which are worthless right now

  12. bogroller69

    I had 40 and sold them at about $5 because, and I quote: “I don’t want to lose any cash”.

    Could’ve paid off my mortgage and bought a Porsche. And still kept some BTC. FFS!!!

  13. PsychoPusheen

    Lmao you people are nuts… “just wait a pair of years and bitcoin willl be worth millions!” Sure thing dear, like people are gonna put faith into something that isn’t backed by anyone….

  14. cosmicr

    I liked bitcoin back then because it was seen as a potential replacement for fiat currency. Now all anyone ever does is talk about “investing” instead of actually encouraging spending and getting more places to accept it.

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