see ! No one cares

see ! No one cares

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  1. AdjectiveSaint

    Dude says the dollar is the strongest currency after telling his staff to find ways to de-value the dollar. LOL okay.

  2. koushik84

    If that tweet was about stock market. People would have been shitting pants by now and stock market would be have been bloody red today

  3. hablador

    So the current boss of a criminal organisation which income is based on robbery declares that he is not a fan of an asset that cannot be robbed. Incredible…

  4. eqleriq

    If crypto didn’t matter then why did he make an executive order banning the holding/use/sale/purchase of the venezuelan crypto?

  5. thetransportedman

    Trump isn’t a fan of the Fed and therefore Powell right now. That is all. The news could have shown Powell saying he likes omelettes in the morning and the master in queef would have said omelettes are lame and for sissies

  6. CIarence

    I thought this might get the liberal lunatics to buy Bitcoin out of spite. Then I remembered that they don’t have jobs.

  7. FantasticEchidna4

    they’re just using bitcoin to attack libra shitcoin because they shat in their pants now that facebook is starting to compete against banks.

  8. Manimal5

    The fact that the screenshot of his tweet got 1000+ comments on this subreddit says otherwise. Stop giving the guy attention

  9. normantwain

    Bitcoin people think mass opinion controls the price.

    Prefect example the whales control 100% price movement.

    Trump tweet leads to continued sell off organically continuing trend. Then bitcoins magical 1 minute candles break price up 1k through trend Lines and holds above.

    Lol. Not that hard to manipulate a low volume unregulated market.

    Delusional. Nobody knows why prices are at 2017 levels with 0% public interest.

  10. Ilforte

    I don’t think no one cares. It’s the opposite. He’s making Bitcoin even better known.

    The irony here is that Trump himself has demonstrated the truth of adage “all publicity is good publicity”; he had always been a scandalous character, and prior to the election, CNN and other mass media giants only mentioned him to bash him and compare him negatively to establishment-friendly, authority-approved Clinton. Well, see where this got us.

    Now, his Twitter can also be considered a major outlet. And he uses it to criticise a weird online currency of (relatively) ill repute, and to compare it to Official Government-Authorized United States Dollar.

    Bitcoin is the Trump of currencies.

  11. Kpenney

    It would be sweet if baron came out and said he dug crypto. Donald’s not smart enough to even hold onto his recovery keys, just too old to adapt.

  12. monkeyhoward

    Oh I bet the chanboys are is losing their collective shit right about now. Might have to do some lurking and loling later

  13. Salsaverde77

    Both trump and Christine Lagarde are for XRP and against BTC, invest eith logic not emotionally. BTC is slow and to expensive

  14. supergrass77

    You know Bitcoin has arrived when the president is talking about it. It’s funny how they never talk about fixed supply and decentralized but they think if they call it a scam and Ponzi scheme enough that people will stay away and it will die

  15. wavemotionmachines

    Is Trump even supposed to be using his position to influence public opinion about a privately owned business?

  16. Empirismus

    He as a 45-th president of US what did you expect? He ought to praise national currency, if he’d say “I am fan of bitcoin” imagine shock of government? Imagine people reaction? Imagine stock market?


    The real news here is that even president mention BTC. And that is a good thing!

  17. MuffinMan411

    If anything POTUS is bringing attention to blockchain m. His ignorance is offering those who disagree with him the opportunity to research and find the truth and benefits of the technology.

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