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I’m happy introduce to you ShortPTC, a new system which let you create your own Bitcoin Shortlink PTC website. Using this system, you can start earning money by rewarding your users for visiting paid shortlinks, at the moment this being a niche with much potential and doesn’t require too much investments or time.

What do I get?

You will receive a complete Bitcoin PTC Shortlink system, as shown on demo. All you have to do is to install and configure it and then you have a ready website which can generate revenue from shortlink websites created using AdLinkFly Script.

Why use ShortPTC script?

This script is both simple to use & advanced in features, ready made to start your own Bitcoin PTC Shortlink website.

I believe you already know what a Shortlink is, but if you don’t know, I invite you to check out this product: AdLinkFly

How it works?

You add your desired Shotlinks from admin panel (you can add unlimited Shortlink websites). Your users will visit these shortlinks to earn Bits which can be converted into Satoshi and paid out (you pay them) by FaucetHub on Bitcoin Wallet. Every time somebody visits any shortlink, you earn money based on respective Shortlink CPM rate. In few words, you earn money from Shortlinks and you pay your users with a part of the money you earn. It’s a win / win for you and your users.


Website: Click Here
Username: Admin
Password: shortptc


  • Bootstrap 4 Responsive Design
  • Complete admin panel
    • Dashboard with stats
    • Manage website settings
    • Change website design colors
    • Manage members
    • Manage shortlinks, rewards, withdrawals and more
  • Weekly Contest system integrated
  • Multi language system (only English available by default)
  • Banners & Popup Ads can be added from admin panel
  • Google reCaptcha integrated
  • Referral system integrated
  • Virtual Currency (Bits) system integrated
    • User earn Bits by visiting shortlinks
    • Bits earned by user can be converted in Bitcoin and withdrawn into FaucetHub or Bitcoin Wallet
  • Very well optimised to keep server usage to minimum
  • 100% Viewable Source Code

+ Many more features…



  • First version released

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