The Women of Tinder Talk Bitcoin

The Women of Tinder Talk Bitcoin

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  1. 1093520938035029385

    Back during the last bear market I posted [this thread]( on Tinder matches that I quizzed about Bitcoin. My question was simple: “What are your thoughts on the Bitcoin digital currency system?” Wanted to share it again because I think it’s an interesting look at how Bitcoin was perceived 4 years ago and how things have changed. Also, some of you should try this opening line **a)** Because I want to see new responses but I’m married now and not touching Tinder and **b)** At the time, it led to some pretty good conversations.

  2. BTCkoning

    Lydia is now mrs 1093520938035029385?

    Interesting answers especially for four years ago. I might run one by myself if i have the time.

  3. Sneakybobo

    There’s not much value there. They either 1) repeat what they’ve heard on MSM, 2) pretend they’re interested without knowing anything, 3) friendzone you just in case you become a millionnaire then they’ll reach out again, 4) choose to be honest and say they’re not interested

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