Two Trillion a Year

Two Trillion a Year

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  1. Mark_Bear

    Those “Too Big To Fail” banks hate competition. If money is going to be laundered for drug cartels, terrorists, human traffickers, etc., then those big banks are going to keep fighting for it – they don’t want to lose their market share.

  2. amexikin

    For the gov to say that bitcoin is strong enough to pose a threat to nacional security is like saying the dollar is too weak!

    Now they’ll try to stop it.

  3. Marcion_Sinope

    Is it fair that interest is paid to the Fed on illicit drug money?

    Congress needs to do a clawback on that money.

  4. Neueregel1

    Mnuchin was on CNBC this morning talking about our anti money laundering tools and that he doesn’t believe money is laundered through fiat! Funny stuff, amazing how people who don’t know or understand Bitcoin wants to regulate and brand it the root of evil.

  5. baronvondanger

    well why do you think they are planing to replace the dollar with a crypto that is centralized highly traceable and regulated. There will be a very short period where you will be able to exchange dollars for the new crypto. Anything about a few thousand will be scrutinized and anything about 10k will need to be handed personally by a federal agent who will review how and where you acquired such funds. This laundered money is lost tax revenue at some point. There will be no hiding money from the feds with the Americoin.

  6. nspaz72

    Getting sick to the high teeth of the scare tactic argument against crypto is only used by criminals I’ve never committed a crime in my life worked hard paid my taxes and raised a happy healthy productive family and guessing the majority of people who use crypto are in the same boat in any other walk of life these sort of unsubstantiated generalisation would lead to a law suit maybe we should start sueing these bellends for defamation of character .

  7. Klimenos

    This is a stupid statement. If money is laundered through crypto, you have to compare with crypto yearly traded volume, not with marketcrap…

  8. Cryptoliv

    yep…If what governments wanted was not power and control people’s money, they would see btc and eth are one of the best opportunities we have to give people’s freedom.

  9. BeerJunky

    When I was in the Caymans the tour guide said there was $2T on deposit there. I’m sure that was all for legitimate purposes.

  10. odradek123

    It’s more relevant to look at % of market cap used for laundering… like if Bitcoin comprised the same share of transactions as USD currently does would overall money laundering increase or decrease?

    Otherwise it’s like saying more people die in US (pop. ~327m) every year than in Palestine (pop. ~4.8m), therefore Palestine is safer.

  11. crusoe

    Yeah but the bitcoin market is almost 100% fraud and laundering. 2 trillion is a smaller % of total US dollar supply.

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