What did lead to massive Bitcoin bull run in 2017?

What do you think was the reason?

Eager to see your opinion guys and see which one makes the most sense.

Do you think there will be a similar bull run in the future?

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7 Comments on What did lead to massive Bitcoin bull run in 2017?

  1. DeesBeans

    It was the result of the halving in 2016. Look up @100trillionusd on Twitter. He explains the stock to flow model very well. You will see a similar bull run this year and next till about 2021. Unless of course we have a big black swan event.

  2. DarthCoinMaster

    People driven by greed and focused only on price.
    People should focus on all other aspects of Bitcoin and NOT speculation.

  3. thesoleprano

    halving of 2016 and adoption. a huge push of information on new people who were interested happened. i didn’t know btc existed until summer of 2017 when it was around 3k per.

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