Why You Should #DeleteCoinbase – A look at the history of Brian Armstrong’s bad decisions

Why You Should #DeleteCoinbase – A look at the history of Brian Armstrong’s bad decisions

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  1. angrammaridiot

    Bitcoin friendly exchanges: **Bisq**, **Localbitcoins**, **HodlHodl**, **Kraken**, **BL3P**, **Cash App**, **Flyp** (no fiat)

    I believe these exchanges have a better record when it comes to supporting bitcoin. Many of them aren’t perfect, but definitely better than coinbase.

    As always, do your own research. Start with small amounts and **never leave coins on an exchange**. not your keys, not your bitcoin.

    Bitstamp has had a great reputation, but it was recently bought out and users are complaining about enhanced KYC, so I’m not too sure about it now. Lot’s of people like to reference Gemini (*STILL no segwit) and Coinbase Pro (lmao) as a Coinbase alternative, but I not sure why they feel that way. Gemini is all about regulation and they do not even utilize segwit yet.

    Anyone care to comment on binance (*STILL no segwit), bitfinex (probably ok), hitbtc, walltime (probably ok), coinsbank, and liberalcoins?

    info on wallets:

  2. mrimmutable

    Is Coinbase perfect? Far from it. But, I am surprised at all of the animosity considering the immense contribution Coinbase makes in providing liquidity to the average Joe/Jane.

    If a non-technical user asks how to purchase/store Bitcoin, where do you send them to? Coinbase is a natural choice. A decentralized exchange like BISQ is notably more difficult (downloading software, dealing with wire transfers, no support, etc.). With Coinbase, you simply click “Buy”. Granted, there are more and more competing services (i.e. Cash app, etc.), but Coinbase is likely the market leader.

    I vehemently dislike Coinbase’s decision to offer Bitcoin Cash, and other altcoins, but in my opinion, this isn’t a factor that leads to not using their services. To each their own.

    I think it is great that people hold Coinbase accountable – and viral campaigns like #DeleteCoinbase, certainly help to hold their feet to the fire. But if Coinbase ceases to exist entirely, I think there would be a void. At the end of the day, Coinbase is just a successful startup trying to find its way. They are going to make a ton of mistakes along the way, as did Apple, Google, Facebook etc. It doesn’t mean that they are inherently evil or do not contribute positively to the community.


    tl;dr Coinbase is an entry-point into the community. It’s far from perfect, but it does serve a purpose. It’s also important that the community continues to hold Coinbase accountable. Discourse is more desirable than pitchforks.

  3. baerbelleksa

    In 2013 I ran into Brian Armstrong at a bar in San Francisco. I went up to him and was like, ‘Brian, the bugs on your platform cost me thousands of dollars, and when I foresaw issues and proactively tried to reach out to customer service about not getting fills, etc., as well as messaging Fred on Reddit (because that was the more reliable way to get a response then), nobody got back to me for a month.’ Later on, their errors ended up costing me well into the 6 figures, right.

    Brian goes, ‘That was a very stressful time in my life. Here, I’ll send you $10 in BTC on Coinbase right now.’

    His first response was to talk about himself and how hard his life was….no empathy for how his shitty site negatively impacted me, somebody he was making money off of, etc.

    Fuck that guy. After that interaction, it was crystal clear that he didn’t give a fuck about customers. When people are like that, sooner or later, their customers disappear. I will gleefully look on as that happens.


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