You know the Bull Run is real once the media brings this guy back up….

You know the Bull Run is real once the media brings this guy back up….

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  1. beaverflipn1

    This isn’t even fair….. It’s like saying I should have dated that girl in high school. I tried everything and all did was turn me down. I danced with her one time and boom ….. I graduated she moved and it stopped trying! now i’m 35 and have kids and making 30k a year, gray hairs on my nuts… Shes married and making over 150k and still beautiful. straight savage lol

  2. time_wasted504

    Bitcoin Pizza Day is next week (May 22)

    Buy a pizza (preferably in BTC) in honour of this historic transaction.

  3. Luccio

    One has to ask! Why Cooper, why this incident, and why now??? Mediation says, talk about it. Either it be good news or bad news, but just talk about it! Looks like Bitcoin is getting free publicity! Very Bullish!

  4. banditcleaner2

    My question is what happened to the person who sold him the pizza? did he hodl (probably not) all the way to this point or did he sell at like 30 cents or w/e

    EDIT: Here are pictures from the guy who bought the pizza for bitcoin. He shared them on the forum in which he posted: [](

  5. Apps4Life

    Why does everyone always assume he used 100% of all the bitcoins he owned. I mean I’ve never read the story but for all you know he spent only 1% of his total bitcoins and is an anonymous billionaire. Any purchases we make with bitcoin now will look asinine 10 years from now as well once the value is 1000x

  6. crespo_modesto

    Damn legit tanked 10% hmm, also jumped 50% so idk… only thing that sucks about making money is the taxes

  7. fittes7

    Why is he even getting interviews? Why is he even relevant to bitcoin?
    I bought my phone and paid with btc at its peak, can anyone schedule an interview with me?

  8. hesido

    I’m surprised people still don’t get this. This had to be done. It could have been a pizza, it could have been an avacado. He turned something that is worthless in the real world into something that has value, his gains were “infinite”. And he could replace it very easily.

  9. crypto_tester

    Chapeau to all those early nerds that actually mined thousands of bitcoins at the early days… and HODLed them or sold a bit at the end of 2017 or in the last days 😉

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